Thursday, July 31, 2008

Silly baby

The Booger is really figuring out how to play. I had a headache this afternoon, and was cuddling with him while he played with toys. Somehow he wiggled his little baby self from sitting up next to me to laying down on his belly. Which was pretty impressive in itself- I was wishing I had to camera, his arm got stuck, and he was busy swinging the other arm around to get momentum, and then it all came together.

Then I was rubbing his soft skin and fuzzy little head, and he popped his head up and gave me a big ol' smile. I just laughed at him and he dropped his head down again. Then a minute or two later, he did it again, waited for me to say hi, and then smiled at me. Then again...and again.... After a few times I realized he was playing with me, and he started it! He always likes being tickled or kissed or played with, but we have always initiated it.

He is getting such a personality, and it is super sweet, loving, and funny. I was so excited to meet him before he was born and spent a lot of time wondering what he would be like. Now I can really start to see the little kid he is going to turn into in his adorable little face and how he interacts with us and the world around him. And it just makes me even more excited to see what else is in store.

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Barbara Manatee said...

How fun! And it just keeps getting more fun! Just this morning the kids were running around, playing and it was so cute to watch them create their own games with each other. Then, Sarah would run up to me, yell "Bye!" and run around the corner, come around again, say "Hi!" then "Bye!" and run away silly!