Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mommy Brain

The Booger's newly mastered talent and favorite mode of entertainment and transportation is rolling over. It is the first thing he does when he wakes up- rolls right over and hangs out and plays until we come get him. Then he rewards us with this wonderful look...

He had a crib, then it got recalled... and now we're waiting...

All of us luckily made it through being put to sleep on our bellies, but the Back to Sleep Campaign has promoted research that putting babies on their backs greatly reduces the risks of SIDS. Since the Booger was born, we did just as we were told, kept bumpers, soft toys, and blankets out of his crib, and put him on his back to sleep.

Now, though, he is in the habit of playing on his belly and then falling asleep ***gasp*** on his belly! I made fun of my husband the first time he discovered the baby on his belly in his crib and turned him over. Then the other day I went to check on him and my crazy little mommy heart started beating like a drum. I rushed over and stared and stared at him until I felt completely and totally satisfied that he was indeed still breathing. Then I flipped him over.

Many rational articles explain why it is a risk for young babies to sleep on their bellies and also explain why it is okay for older babies who can roll to assume whatever position they like. However- I am a mom. I am not rational.

Thus, I have spent the evening checking on my peacefully sleeping son because within 45 seconds of my putting his on his back to sleep, he was on his belly. My rational, educated side keeps telling my irrational, mom side that he is okay. And each time I fight the urge to flip him over. I am slowly coming to the realization that this is the first, but by far, not the last time my irrational mom brain will keep tabs on my baby while he does things his own way instead of mine.

Mom brain has had its other affects as well- somehow I went to the store for a few things yesterday, namely toilet paper and stamps. What did I leave the store without? You guessed it.


Barbara Manatee said... forgot stamps - again!? oops!

I remember that debate - let them be or turn 'em a mommy you'll always be fighting with yourself (weren't we just having that conversation last night??)

Barbara Manatee said...

Oh...get this...I never had 'mommy brain' too badly when I was PG with the twins...BUT...seems its hitting good this time around! Today, while making dinner, I had to get Paul 3 times to come find something in the cupboard that I swore we must be out of. He came up and instantly found each thing that I swore was not there when I looked! THEN...this morning, I go to get in the truck...and found it odd that the passenger side window was already down. Hmmm??? That couldn't have been open last night, could it? what about all day yesterday? What about the night before when it POURED and stormed? Yup....had a soaked floor board and side cubby FULL of water. I've NEVER done that before! I don't even know why that window would have been down, let alone not put up?? I'm the only one who drives it it must've been me! Thankfully the seat had already dried out...sheesh!!