Monday, July 21, 2008


We are getting ready to face the big, hard parent hurdle of choosing someone other than close friends or family to look after the Booger this fall. We decided we would prefer to have someone come to our house and decided that since we live close to a university, we would aim for a student, someone who won't mind a part time schedule and doesn't need to make millions. We only need someone for about half a day between when my husband goes to work and I can get home from my internship. If things go well, it would be nice to keep that up when I start teaching to cut down on day care costs by not sending him to a center until he's a toddler.

So we posted the job opening last night and I've already got a couple responses. Now comes the task of picking someone. I made sure to make it clear we wanted to meet them first and make sure it's a good fit before we commit. Does anyone have any other suggestions, tips, or tricks for choosing and 'hiring' someone? Any problems you've encountered or had friends encounter? We'd appreciate any guidance!

Just in case you were missing the cutest baby ever (in my opinion at least!)


Anonymous said...

Buy some of those do-it-yourself drug tests at Walgreens or rite aid and then send them up to the bathroom when they come for the interview, Call everyone of their references, drive by where they live without them knowing it. If it's a dump, think twice. Lock on your bedroom door. and Hidden cameras. Then Uncle Mike and Aunt Julie get to interview them.

Barbara Manatee said...

Whew! That's a toughie! When we were choosing daycares, I obviously went and visited and observed for a while. This is a bit different - not likely you can observe much other than letting your son in their hands for a while.
* have a list of questions ready for them...a lot of What what would they do if he won't stop crying? WWTD if he's running a fever? WWTD if he got hurt? WWTD if he didn't want to sleep? etc etc...
* get at least 2-4 references for each person and call them!
* trust your gut...if you aren't sure about someone and can't put your finger on it...that's ok! He's too precious to leave with someone you aren't 100% sure of.
* have them come over for some test there doing other stuff in the house while they watch him for you...on several occassions
* and it may sound sneaky, but leave for a few and then show back up randomly and see what's going on then
* Make sure they know not to drive with him
* Give them a written 'schedule' for him and have them review it and allow them to ask questions
* you could even ask developmental questions to see if they know what he should be doing now and what its ok for them to do with him
* I'd give a list of your expectations of them while there and see their reactions (are they just watching him? cleaning up dishes used? picking up his toys? is it ok to talk on the phone? watch tv? take him for a walk? do they need to bring their own food or can they snack off of what you have? etc)

I don't envy you... when we went with a center, I at least got to see their license and check up on that with the state. I knew what training the staff all had and their experience and I knew others were around, keeping everyone in check, so to speak. We're very happy with where the kids are now. I hope you're just as lucky to find someone who takes good care of him and you feel he's safe and comfortable with! Good luck!