Friday, July 25, 2008

Big boy!

Some milestones we've covered lately... a little lesser celebrated by others, but milestones none- the- less...

Lesser known milestone # 1

Resturaunt high chairs
(ewwww- I forgot to bring the cool cover Lisa and her mom gave us)


Lesser known milestone # 2

shopping carts

(ewww again!)

Despite the slobber and who knows what else that was on these wonderfully public items, the Booger loved sitting up and being able to check things out without the blinders of his carseat. He was super excited to be able to look around and watch people walk by him at Fazoli's and flirted with anyone who looked his way, then showed off his rasberry blowing skills in attempts to impress them even more! (I believe it worked- one of these days he's gonna catch himself a baby girlfriend with his slick moves). He liked rolling by things in the shopping cart to- almost like the car, but even better because he could see everything, and even tried to reach out and grab things as we went by.

What are some the milestones you and yours have celebrated? Any traditions you celebrate just in your family?


C. Kaloz said...

I can just see him flirting! He will give that smile that lights up his whole face and make just about anybody melt. What a boy!

Barbara Manatee said...

One of our big milestones was when they finally held their own bottles!! such a relief for mommy when she was alone at feeding time. ;-)