Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo shoot

Even though the Booger is 5 months old, we've never taken him to get his picture taken anywhere. I have 500+ pictures that we've taken... rough estimate. I think I send out anywhere between 75 and 125 a month. Granted I'm sure they get a little monotonous for everyone else, but he's cute, I can't help it!

So, a few weekends ago, Grandma decided she was going to take us to have them taken. Here's how it went:

*Pick out outfits. Pack the diaper bag. Include favorite toys, hoping to elicit a smile on demand. Feed the Booger, hoping his full belly that will last through pictures.

*Load the Booger, Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma in the care. Drive across town to the mall.

*Unload at the mall. Catch the Booger's hat that goes flying off in the wind.

*Go to Sears. Wait patiently for 3 other people at the desk. Talk to the nice lady at the desk. Quickly discover the nice lady is crazy to think we are going to pay that kind of money for a baby who is unable to perform any sort of miracles, magic tricks, or gymnastic feats to capture on film.

*Have a conversation with the nice, crazy lady about the very small package we would like. Listen in confusion as she explains the wonderful benefits of the Smile Saver Card. Discover there are no appointment times today, and discuss payment options.

*Look at Grandma and kindly tell her I think she's crazy if we're going to let her spend that much for pictures of a very cute, but altogether not yet gifted baby.

*Decide to make an appointment, but go check at JCPenneys. Proceed across the mall. With Booger and Daddy in tow.

*Discover the nice ladies at Penneys must be as crazy as the nice lady at Sears. But, lucky us, they do have an appointment an hour. Consider nap time and the last time the Booger ate and think of a package of red faced, screaming baby pictures. Decide that is not a good idea.

*Tell Grandma that I can take better pictures at home. Then everyone can pick whatever they want from Snapfish for .15. Figure Grandma would never be able to spend that amount of money even if she ordered every single picture I took.

*Head back across the mall. Load the Booger, Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma back into the car. Drive back home. Continue to marvel at the expense of having a baby's picture taken.

Several days after that excursion, the Booger and I had our own impromptu photo shoot. I think we did pretty well. I plan on taking it outside one of these days, but here are some of my favorites so far.

This was one of our first (and best) shots before I realized I should change him into something a little more 'formal'...hehe

Do you have somewhere you take your kids that has been terrific and worth the small fortune? How do your kids do with the event that getting pictures taken is?


Barbara Manatee said...

hehe...I hadn't even seen this but just forwarded you some photo coupons. Will give mom more tomorrow for you that we won't be using. Didn't know you guys attempted to get any taken yet. I don't know what the prices are like, but there are some kid specific picture places _kiddie kandids, etc. Again not sure on prices or if there are any by you. Check Olan Mills too - Kerry likes them.
And, as you've seen, so far our kids have been pretty agreeable with photo sessions. You can always seek out a college photography student or something to do a photo shoot at home or in a park or something like that, too....just a thought.

Jules said...

You're right The Booger is pretty cute! I never get tired of looking at baby pictures, especially those of my niece & nefews! I can't forget Cody too!! I like Barb's idea about seeking out a college photo student, I think that sounds like a great idea. As far as the 'crazy lady' at Sears, I think Mike & I delt with her a few times!! Ha,Ha.. I think the pics you took are great, it always helps to have a beautiful baby too!!
Take care & smile

Mom Kaloz said...

Of course he is beautiful! He is one of our grandchildren--they are all absolutely perfect. (Now does that sound like a proud grandparent?--LOL)
Love Momlpznj

Lisa T said...

You sure these aren't professional? Sometimes these are even better than the ones you have to pay through the nose for! Absolutely precious!

Amy Marshall said...

Your pics look great!! We always took our kids to sears but you have to have the coupons to afford them. Wal-mart usually has good deals, but the quality is not as good as sears. They may have advanced throughout the years I haven't been in a studio for awhile, I seem to take fewer and fewer photos as the kids get older, But we still go to sears for school pics, it's much cheaper then the school sells them for, and better because you get to pick them out, and you can make sure your kid actually combed their hair, or wiped the sweat and dirt from recess off their face!!!