Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Diaper Diaries

I think every parent will agree that if they stop to think about the conversations with the other people who care for their child, they will agree that the content has changed drastically since their son or daughter was born. Especially if they've known that person pre-baby. No longer are chats about catching up on people at work or other day to day happenings...

Number one topic: Diaper tracking and analysis!

Who would have thought that once you become a parent, one of the most frequent thoughts you'd have about your bouncing bundle of joy would be about diapers- and not whether you have enough- but what's in them?

I'm sure that all the super helpful, informative parent books and magazines are partly to blame. How many times have you read something about the number of dirty and/or wet diapers your baby should have at this age and that age? How many times have you felt bad because you didn't count how many he or she had, and then spent the next day obsessing to make sure they are 'functioning' properly?

With an almost 6 month old who is eating solid food (or what passes for solid food at this age), one of the staple questions after the usual "How was your day?" and "What's for dinner?", has now become "Did the Booger poop today?" This is followed by a description of whatever the lucky parent recieved as a gift that day. We have split baby duty pretty fairly, and the Booger's daddy has always done diaper duty with me, but recently we've both tried to pass at least one diaper change a day to the other parent for one reason and one reason only- stink.

I have heard people in awe over how so much of something so ucky could come out of something so little and so cute. I've now officially joined that club because the Booger has another talent- filling his diaper so full it comes out the top in the front and the back. Never thought I'd have to clean anything but fuzz out of his belly button...

Anybody have their own Olympic diaper stories? I'm sure we'd all enjoy a good laugh at the expense of someone else's washing machine! Tell your friends- maybe if we get some good ones, we could vote on the top three for some diaper coupons.


Barbara Manatee said...

I hate to tell ya sister, they just keep getting worse, too! Mix in a variety of fruits and veggies...oh, and meats! Then play "Name that food" in the diaper. Its always fun to see (1) what foods come back out whole and (2) how well they chew as they get older. And then theres when you find something that's NOT food in there and you wonder...when - and HOW- did he eat that!?!

And cleaning out his belly button? Just wait until you have to wash his HAIR because he pooped so much!

BTW, Try stinky, oozy diapers time two! Then we'll talk...hehe!

Audrey said...

I am laughing so hard. I went from talking about world events to talking about the contents of diapers to talking about potty training and no more diapers. You are so right, it's amazing how our conversations change. The photo of your son is really adorable.

Amy Marshall said...

At least your husband helps!! My husband decided he would try to help by changing a diaper three weeks after bringing my son home, he opened the diaper and then, he threw up, I ended up cleaning up after both of them, after a few of these instances I decided it would just be easier to change them myself. He never got any better with this task, even with our daughter, It never failed when I was away and he had to do it he always threw up. Diaper duty the one thing about babies I don't miss!!