Friday, July 11, 2008

The next big thing

We have quickly learned that the Booger loves him some food! He took to rice cereal like a shot about a month and a half ago. And despite his mommy being supremely confused about how to start solids (who would've thought it was so confusing to feed another human!?!?), he has given us pretty good cues about what he needs and wants.

A couple weeks ago, he was eating one serving of cereal a day, and started throwing a little baby temper tantrum whenever it was gone, so we added another feeding. Now, even with two servings plus nursing like usual, he is either still fussy after he finishes or hungry much earlier than we expected. So...onto the next big thing. Sweet potatoes.


He even wanted more after we finished the first bit, and ended up eating almost half the container!

No worrries though, there's lots more where that came from- I just stocked up on lots of delicious (yes, we try it all) baby foods. Thanks to BRU, Meijer, and Gerber coupons. Meijer has a baby sale this week- lots of deals, and with coupons I got 10 packages of 2nd foods for 8 dollars. BRU had 4 for 5, so I got 8 for 8 with the coupons-Mom's best friend!


Secola'sSpace said...

I LOVE those pics! Oh the memories!

Barbara Manatee said...

sweet potatoes ARE yummy! :-) Wish mine were still always that excited about their food! haha! wait till you encounter the 'picky eater' stage! ha!

Jules said...

That's too cute! Isn't it fun to watch & feed them when they start eating the baby foods? Their like little birds! Cody never got picky about anything he ate! He didn't care what it was, he just wanted more...