Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shaken, not stirred

The Booger loves to move. We lay him down and two minutes later he's wiggled two feet away from where he started. He jumps like a kangaroo in his jumperooo, I'm amazed he hasn't given himself whiplash. He's a dancing machine, kicks his legs like a maniac, and when he is tired or just waking up he wiggles himself into your shoulder like he has always belonged there.

Recently, we discovered he loves to be shaken! He just laughs and smiles and squeals. It is the sweetest thing ever. But he always stops the minute I pick up the camera. We were playing last night, and I was finally able to catch him- until he realized he was being filmed and was suddenly camera shy, but was living it up until then. Just watch the video and try not to smile! (Ignore my creepy laugh in the background...)


Barbara Manatee said...

Going to take after Sarah, huh? She used to bottom out that jumperoo and still love to JUMP all over and dance like crazy! Since their afternoon on the trampoline, she thinks the couch is a good substitute. She'll climb up there, Jump up and let herself fall - all while yelling "jump!" and giggling away! So silly!

Jules said...

Too cute Nicci! Hopefully he'll get used to the camera. I wish I could have frozen Cody at that age!! Now all we get is back talk, ha ha!! Just kidding. Take care,& have fun with that little 'Booger'.