Saturday, July 26, 2008


We're still trying new foods and discovered he LOVES prunes- not my top choice, but he gobbled them up like there was no tomorrow! However, he took some time getting used to peas.

Grandma's right- mushy peas are ucky!

He gets so excited while he eats, he jumps and reaches and sings. Even for peas, now that he has gotten used to them. He is very demanding, though. I have to get his food ready in the other room or he gets mad seeing it and not being able to have it- he yells at me and just looks sooo desperate. As though we are starving him (he has to be nearing 20 pounds).

Stay tuned for more new foods and other fun tomorrow. We have another important day- any guesses?


Anonymous said...

I agree--mushy peas--YUCK!

Grandma Kaloz said...

I know what tomorrow is--it is an important day for two very special men in my life!

Barbara Manatee said...

Isn't it funny how they can be totally content one minute, but the second food is mentioned or seen - they are starving!?!?! Power of suggestion I suppose.

Oh - I know, I know! I know what tomorrow is! :-)

Hey, and prunes...keeps ya regular! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You think the other poop was fun just wait til the prunes come out HA HA

Grandpa K

Jules said...

Too cute!! The facial expressions are priceless!!! Love ya ;0)