Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Boy!

Just noticed- its been a week! We'll just add blogging to my ever-growing list of things to accomplish. And the pity is, it is something I actually want to do. Pooh. You know things are crazy when you can't even find time for the little things you like to do.

One of our big developments lately has been the purchase and installation of a new carseat for the Booger! We (ok, I) are the parents who plan, think, research, look, wait, think, decide, think, then buy. So we asked a number of people, looked at the different options, checked things out on websites and reviews and chose Cosco's Alpha Omega Elite. I think the one we got was the last of this version, but we actually liked it better than the newer version, because the padding was machine washable. (only to discover this was only after a wrestling match- so it will likely be spot cleaned most of the time, despite my excitement).

Once we chose it- we waited a bit more, because we had coupons. Oh do I love me some coupons! Then, bonus, on top of the coupon, we got another 10 % off for it being the display. The only difference is we didn't get a box (which we would just throw away anyway), or an instruction manual (which I downloaded with minimal searching from the website).

He likes his new seat lots, and enjoys sitting up higher because he can sort of see out the window. Okay, he can only barely see really big trucks when they go by, but he seems excited anyway. He is still tryinng to figure out how to get comfy to doze off, but no other complaints from the Booger or the Mommy and Daddy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mommy moment Monday

Thanks to Jamie, I am happy to share a mommy moment from this week.

The Booger has figured out how to crawl as of the middle of last week. Crazy to me that on Sunday when Grandma and Grandma K were here, he was still on the verge, and by Thursday he was off like a shot.

Lucky mommy that I am- Friday, when I got home he saw me, left his toys in the dust he and crawled right over to me. Then he turned to his sitter and waved. To me, that means "My amazing and wonderful favorite mom in the whole wide world is here, you are no longer necessary, thank you very much."

Don't get me wrong- he seems to love his sitter- has taken to her really well and she takes great care of him, but, really, that's what he meant. Mom's honor.

If you'd like to check out his new skills, scroll on down!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Movin' on up!

I think I can...

I think I can....

I can do it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crazy day part duece

I suppose, this should really be titled crazy week.. as once we settled our virus-y selves in after our doctor's appointment, the next day proved to be even more ridicuous.

Fast forward to noon. I am um, let's say indisposed- collecting some milk for the next day before I eat lunch. The teacher I am working with knocks on the door and says my husband is one the phone, and he says there's and emergency. Immediately my mommy instincts kick in and I somehow (barely) collect everything including myself, enough to be able to appropriately go answer the phone.

Of course- the "Don't panic, but.." disclaimer is the first thing I hear. Well, come on-been there, doing that! Mike explained that the Booger somehow cut two of his fingers, and Granny (not sure why this is her choice of grandma terms as she is not a toothless hillbilly... but we go with it! :-) ) can't get them to stop bleeding.

Ok- so a little less panicky, only my hands are shaking now- I was expecting seizure, high fever, vomiting, something tied into the rash.

Then he says- I called and ambulance and I'm on my way.

Woah-ambulance? Commence whole body tremors and 500 mile a minute thoughts.

The amazing teacher I work with immediately told me I could go, so in 1.29 seconds I had my things and was sprinting out the door for the 20 minute drive home. The whole time I swore every single obnoxious driver and red light were in my way and 45 was not an acceptable speed limit.

About three minutes from home, Mike sent me a message that he was ok. So I was able to reign myself in and only go 5 miles over the speed limit.

Turns out he touched the coils on the back of the air conditioner, and it cut him-five or six little, deep paper cut type cuts. How did he touch the back of the air conditioner you ask? Because his parents suck and left it two feet from his play area. Can you say guilty?

The ambulance had come and gone by the time I got home, and they were apparently very nice and helpful. Didn't treat them like crazy people for calling them to come put a band aid on a baby. Yep- all that for a band-aid. I imagine the most expensive band-aid you've ever seen. But we won't think about that now.

Once I got home and saw my sweet boy all safe and sound, gulping down his lunch, I had to high tail it back to school because I was supposed to be getting observed teaching a lesson right at the time I walked into our house. (While you're interning someone from the university program visits throughout the semester and observes you teach, then you are graded on your teaching, etc. etc.)

So- drive 20 minutes back, run in, and jump into leading a social group. There for less than an hour, and I had to leave because I had an appointment to get fingerprinted and sign my teaching contract. Which- while that was super wonderful and a relief to get it on paper- I felt like I was running like a chicken with my head cut off!

All in all, we've come through our first emergency with an incredible response time, and a very effective communication system. And a big dose of guilt! Anyone else kick themselves for something that happened to your kids because of something you did or didn't do?

Tomorrow's post will have pictures of a new milestone! Any guesses?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Crazy day...

Earlier in the week, I promised a recap of our crazy Tuesday.

Let me give you a little background. First- the Booger acquired another strange rash last Friday- we didn't think much of it- figured he was reacting to blueberries. It was a bit different than the banana rash. We just decided to keep an eye, cut off the blueberries, and make sure nothing changed. By Monday night it had spread to his baby booty, arms, and legs. He was still happy as could be, but we were more concerned since it had gotten worse. Monday he was a grouch all day and didn't nap well for the sitter so we were glad to take him to the doctor to make sure we hadn't been torturing the poor baby by waiting so long.

After waiting for 20 minutes we had a 10 minute conversation with the doctor that led to a diagnois of a viral rash. Yep- nothing we can do. We also got some great reassurance from the doctor for the future--- "Some kids are just rashy kids, they come in for hand, foot, and mouth, then for fifth's disease, then well, we won't keep going..." Thanks doc... very excited to hear this. Looking forward to seeing you often...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anyone got a bucket?

I know many people have felt the effects of severe weather over the past week. I've never really seen flooding to much degree, so this is pretty surprising to us, though I know it's nothing compared to others situations. We're very lucky that we are looking at this from afar and have not had to bail ourselves out.

My work is centrally located amidst all the newly created lakes and rivers in downtown Kalamazoo, so tonight my 2-3 minute drive from home took about 15-20 minutes of driving out of my way and around the water in order to get there.

While I was there, someone had sent these pictures. Crazy!

This is a view of part of downtown from the hospital where the Booger was born, just a couple minutes from our house. Beneath all that water should be streets and parking lots.

This is where our local baseball team was supposed to play this week... you usually have to walk up steps to that platform.

This is a bank about 5 minutes from our house...many residents seem to be choosing alternate methods of transportation.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two for Twosday

I love baby feet. Just want to kiss 'em! These itty bitty feet were only two months old. They are bigger now (so's the rest of him!)
Head over to Deanna's blog and check out the other players.
Then, come back later for a recap of our crazy day today!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The Booger's crib was recalled a while ago- much to my dismay. (Check out the post here.) We were frustrated for many reasons, but I remember having the conversation with several people about our lack of options in choosing a new crib. We didn't necessarily want to go through the same manufacturer, but really were just hesitant in general because who knew what would happen to whatever we chose. Would it get recalled too? Who was making sure these things they expected my most precious possession to sleep in would keep him safe and who messed up the first time?

Well- here are some answers to those questions! Toys R Us has laid down some rules for their manufacturers since all of the recent recalls. Good for them. Doesn't make ours any extra safer, but glad someone made changes that needed to be made, and that we will have more options soon. Check it out.,0,3920863.story


I suppose he's just getting himself ready because he plans to be in the naughty corner over the next few years...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two for Twos day

Deanna at Eight is Great is hosting Two for Twosday. I missed out last week because I was being a slacker...

If you pay any attention to me, I am usually coming up with some crazy way to play along. This week I couldn't come up with anything with the Booger in it- partly because of my slacker-ness in the picture taking arena as well.

So I thought I'd post a picture from pre-Booger days, a rare picture of his daddy and I, as neither one of us much enjoy posing for a picture. It's also rare that a picture comes out without one of us looking crazy. This is one of my favorite pictures of us, and was taken a couple summers ago when we went to Traverse City with my sister and her husband. A very fun trip, that we'd love to take again, but can't imagine that will happen anytime soon with the vast number of children (ok, not really vast compared to some other mommas) we've accumulated since then.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting better every day

The Booger has been working on finger foods for the last week or so. He was doing pretty well, but often missed his mouth because his (quite delicious) puffed, dissolvable-so-he-can't-choke-cereal adhered to and dissolved on his sticky little hands before his sticky little fingers could pick them up and get them to his mouth! Which, in itself, was pretty entertaining.

All of a sudden it clicked though, he seems to have it mastered as of 5:30 pm EST. Chewing and all! I'm excited to start giving him more 'real' food, just to see what he does. He gobbles up new baby food as though he's had it all before. Then he looks at me like "I got this, Mom, what else you got for me?"

I had to take a picture of him in his highchair today because he just looked so big, sitting up like a big kid, smiling his 1,000 watt smile at me. Time flies.... when you're a parent. Fun or not- though, I have to say more fun than not.

The Booger gettin' strapped in for the first time (4 mo's)

Tonight, looking big as all get out!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Off to a good start

While I've been slacking, the Booger definitely has not. He has been super busy figuring out how to move and wiggle around and get from wherever he is to wherever he wants to be. Which, undeniably, are always two different places.

His newest ability, I have yet to capture on camera. He can manuever himself from his belly to his butt. The other day, I would've sworn he'd done it, but then that thought... no way, couldn't be. Lo and Behold- he was in his crib the next night, and hadn't gone to sleep yet, so I wandered upstairs to see what I could do to cojole him into sleep. Only to discover- he was happily sitting up on his butt, playing with the sides of his crib. He turned around and smiled a satisfied little smile like he'd been doing it for years.

He added this skill to an ever increasing repotoire of movements that now also includes getting from his butt to his hands and knees, his butt to his belly, pulling himself up from sitting to kneeling, climbing up the both of us- presumably to reach some object of desire, army crawling, and rolling. Holy my! He's so on the verge of actually crawling I know he's gonna do it when I'm not looking any minute.

Between my lack of opportunity, and the silliness of my camera, I have very little of this whirl of movement to share with you, but here are a few. Plus, I know you need to see some pictures to end this terrible withdrawal I've put you through.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Not, really. I've actually been super busy all week, didn't really get a chance to sit down (unless I was falling into bed) until last night. And even then, had to do some research for school. Welcome back to real life. Way to go all you ladies who do it every day, and have had me beat for years. If you can do it, I can too. Go team!

Last Thursday, teachers officially reported to school, so I spent the day there. Over the weekend, I went into a crazy house cleaning, organizing frenzy, realizing that I needed to accomplish some things before I would not have time ever again. Plus we put our house back together- we've been refinishing floors for the past couple months, and finally finished and put things back in their places. It's quite nice to be typing this while sitting on the couch, not holed up in our bedroom because it was the only (semi) clutter free place. (I'll post some pictures later, it looks amazing!)

I worked on Monday, then school started Tuesday. So Tuesday and Thursday evening I spent working after school, Wednesday was grocery shopping. Yesterday, I was supposed to work but lucked out and got to spend the evening with my boys. The Booger and I are heading to the office for a few hours after his nap today too.

I'm tired just thinking about it all again! It really was a good week though. The teacher I'm working is amazing, as are the other teachers and prinicpal at the school. I'm pretty lucky, as I think this will be a good semester. And I have a job to look forward to.

So- really, I have only been a blog slacker. I decided I would rather spend time with the Booger instead of writing about him. I'm pretty satisified with that choice too :-)