Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Diggs

As I mentioned a few posts ago- the Booger's crib was recalled a while ago (and I do mean a while.. this was no fast process). I was pretty bummed- we took a lot of time to pick out a set we liked and were lucky enough to get a great deal. And I loved the set- it was nice and super versatile, and could be converted to a toddler and a full size bed eventually. So, not too excited about the situation anyway.

Then, we had to disassemble it and send in parts of it before we could get the voucher for a new one. Which we did two weeks ago. He's been sleeping in his pack n play since then, so we did a happy dance yesterday when the voucher finally arrived.

Daddy picked up the new one we picked out on the way home from work today, and as soon as we put it together, the Booger tried it out. He seems to approve.

This one seems sturdy, maybe it won't get recalled...

I see you! Through my crib!

I'm soooo excited!

Getting ready to nap


Barbara Manatee said...

It looks nice! Does this one convert too? Did the voucher cover the whole cost?

Nicci said...

It does convert, it was actually less than the voucher. The only crib in the whole store with these attributes that slightly matched his dresser. We could have gotten one that matched his dresser more... if we wanted to spend $200 more!