Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The highlight of the weekend

The King on his throne!
We all had lots of fun with my sister and her family, the Booger's favorite spot (that he stayed awake almost the whole time for) was the museum. I've been there a lot with the kids I work with, but never really got to spend time in the Children's Playscape, so it was very fun to hang out in there and watch the Booger interact with everything. Of course, he wanted to taste test it all, and was dissappointed when he couldn't, but still had a blast.

He's starting to really clue into things around him, and has gotten into the habit of leaning around us and climbing our shoulders to see what is happening behind us when we're holding him. He's always been a wiggle worm, but all of a sudden, he's on a mission!

Playing with the see through blocks on the light table

Using the royal gardening tools his own way....

Checking out the wall o' fun

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Barbara Manatee said...

I'm glad he got to really enjoy some of what we did...and not just be along for the ride. Next summer, as you saw with my two, he'll be way more into it all!