Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rub a dub dub

A while ago, we moved the Booger's bathtub from the counter to the big tub for baths. I mentioned that I was looking forward to playing with toys in the tub and my oh my have we had fun since then!

First off- he loves being naked! He knows when I lay him on the bathroom rug what is about to happen, he gets so excited. He kicks he legs so hard I'm sure he's got to hurt his heels on the floor! I strip him down and let him enjoy his freedom (and his newly discovered jewels...) while I fill his tub and get around all the bathtime fixin's.

As soon as I lift him up to pop him in the tub, he kicks and wiggles and squeals the greatest squeal of joy ever. Followed up with spashes of joy once he lands in the water. This past week he discovered that there is a tub around his tub. He's been quite busy banging his toys and himself on it and thinks it is hi-lar-i-ous!

I always wait to add his toys, because it is so funny to watch him get excited when I put them in. Like he has never seen them before and I am the best mom ever for giving them to him. I took advantage of his newfound knowledge, and lined up his light up duckies along the edge of the tub, then pushed them plop, plop, plop, which he thought was wonderfully funny. I know he's thinking "Gosh, Mom, you're so fun and great, I'll think you're cool forever" Really, he is. I swear.

He precedes to splash and dunk the duckies, then he plucks them out of the water in attempts to eat their heads. For some reason, he has to stick their heads in his mouth, very tasty, I imagine. This could of course go on for hours. He's very easy to please. (I thank my lucky stars every day!)

Check out the fun...

This how you're supposed to eat duck, I'm quite sophisticated, I know.

Look, Mom, it's a kazoo!

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Barbara Manatee said...

There must be something about the heads on those things...Sarah was chewing on the head of a similar bath toy - a chicken - tonight and I called her Ozzie and asked her if she was going to bite its head off.