Friday, August 15, 2008

My son's future...

The Booger loves to move and groove, he thinks it is super funny to wiggle and jump and shake. He loves to be tossed in the air too... I just found this video on Baby Blog Addict and couldn't stop laughing, somehow I see this in his future.. still chuckling right now!

Not to say I would be near tears terrified if it really were my kid, but OMG it's funny!

The other thing I see in his future- an office job. Due to a glitch in childcare today, he went to work with Daddy. He spent his day running things from the boss's office. The girls my husband works with (and a few of the guys) love the Booger and were thrilled to play...or with him all day. He hammed it up and only took a few breaks from his dedicated work ethic to eat and nap (in the boss's office- he's a manager all right!). They said he was right at home. They also confirmed our suspicions that he's the cutest baby ever.

We have more exciting news-- any guesses? Check us out tomorrow and we'll dish.

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Barbara Manatee said...

I know what video you're talking about from BBA and I did NOT find it funny. In fact, I had to stop watching it b/c I felt a little ill!
*Warning to Dads, Uncles or Grandpas reading this* You will NOT be doing that to one of my kiddos!! Got it!?! ha! ;-)

Also have to argue with the cutest baby EVER....umm...hello!?! We trump you as we have TWO of the cutest babies ever! hehe! Your's can be #3 though (mine were first, too...hehe!)

And....yeah on the exciting news!!! SOOOO happy for you! I'll start the rumor that Booger #2 is on the way...hehehe! (I know you're going to kill me after this string of comments! hahaha!)

Love you! Really! ;-)