Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Way Back Whens-day (along with some sentimental ramblings)

The Booger is 7 monhts old today! So I thought while I reminisced and got misty eyed about my baby who is already turning into a 'kid', I could play along with Way Back Whens-Day with Twinfatuation. Okay.. 7 months isn't techinically way back, but it's far enough! :-)

The Booger only minutes old! He had more hair then than he does now!

I know I said all this a month ago, but it's amazing how much changes in such a short time. Just since last month, he has (almost) 2 teeth, is sooo close to crawling, is starting to pull himself up, and is climbing all over us. He picks up on everything and is so wonderfully interactive and playful. He is obsessed with grabbing and pulling and tapping everything. He will imitate things we do, and loves to laugh at us making funny faces. For some reason he get great pleasure out of someone yawning or sneezing! He plays well on his own but loves to be tickled and play games with us too. And our favorite- he lifts up his arms to be picked up and loved, especially when he wakes up.

We are very lucky to have such a good, healthy, happy baby. I am thankful everyday, especially as I read the blogs of moms and families dealing with health issues, or when I go to work with the children and adults that I work with. We have not had to fear that we'd lose him any minute, or grieve about extra problems or difficulties we know he would have to overcome. My heart and support goes to all families who live with the worry and the wonder that comes with raising children with special needs, health or otherwise.

It's also fun to have the connection with other people that comes with being a parent. Other parents just get the crazy, all encompassing love that we have for our son, and bear with us while we gush adoringly. It takes your own parenthood to make you stop and think about everything that the other person with two kids in tow has gone through to make out of the house, or to make it out the door to work or school. You know that they've probably spent many mornings or evenings cuddling with their little ones, and countless nights up changing diapers and feeding their kids in a dark, sleepy fog. You know they've called five people just to get ahold of someone to celebrate that the baby just smiled at them, or they've argued with themselves whether or not to call the doctor about something at 4:30 on a Friday because they don't want to go the whole weekend wondering. When you think about what you've done to get through the last day or week or month with your family- you really appreciate the grumpy person you just came across, because they were probably doing the same thing with theirs!

Now that I've gushed- take a few minutes to visit Twinfatuation and enjoy some more thought-provoking moments in the form of pictures!


Cheryl Lage said...

Love the gush! And when baby is still a baby, "way back" has plenty of latitude!

What a lovely post...thank you so much for playing Way Back When-esday!

Barbara Manatee said...

Amen, Sister!! :-) Happy 7 months Booger!

Anonymous said...

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