Wednesday, June 24, 2009

through the looking glass

The Booger has been ever so observant lately and has found a new past time---

Watching traffic waaaay down below our hotel we stayed at when we went to our cousin's wedding in Chicago.

Seriously dad, how'd they get down there?

There has been a lot of work across the street from our house, constructions vehicles and big trucks have been around for the past week. And the Booger is more than happy to watch it all.
Mom, come look!


And over here?
And to greet each and every bull dozer, dump truck, and construction worker...

I have oh so much to share from the last busy month. I have been busy bein' a good teacher and doing silly things like report cards and lesson plans, and the Booger has been busy growing and learning and being cute as ever! Stay tuned :-)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Note to self

Do not let a pukey baby lay in your bed.

The end.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mom issues

This weekend, a situation came up....

And I pondered, and I wondered about quite exactly how to handle it. Then I pondered, and I wondered how exactly someone else just might handle it. Then I realized that there are a number of situations that I've encountered in the last 16 1/2 months ---! cough, gag, tear up- 16 1/2 months! OMG!----

Ok, sorry about that. I'm composed. I swear.

As I was saying, I've encountered a number of baby/ mother/ parenting/ juggling/ toddler/ crazy/ never thought I'd have to do this/proud of myself for figuring it out moments that I wonder what path another mother may have chosen if she'd been wearing my mom flops. That is, if she'd been a flip flop wearer such as myself.

So I've decided that I would find out how fellow mommas in the blogosphere may have handled some of the silly mom situations I've found myself in. Though, I suppose that maybe I'm just lucky enough to find myself in some silly situations. Maybe other moms think far enough ahead, or have a better mom-tuition than I do, and miraculously avoid the issues I face. This is a definite possibility.....

But, I digress.

Let me ask you wonderful mommas what you would do if...

Your super busy toddler cuddled up to you so sweet that you could hardly stand it seeing how it's the first cuddle you've gotten in days due to his/her seemingly endless amount of energizer bunny energy. And then proceeded to puke his first ever puke that could actually be defined as puke (I had previously wondered how to tell the difference between spit up and puke when the Booger hadn't been feeling well. I no longer wonder...)... straight down your shirt.

Mind you, down your shirt. Not just on. down. Down your two layers, into your bra, down your belly.

Once the downpour is over, you proceed into the bathroom, wipe up and strip down the previsouly cuddly toddler, who is laughing at your efforts not to touch any more puke than necessary. Relatively easy though, as most of it is down your clothing.

Then you are posed with the question that I was posed with in a similar (if not completely identical) situation. How do you disrobe without getting puke in your hair and on your face? Reminder, your clothes have been puked down, and on. Because you can't get puked down without getting puked on.

So, I ask a few mommas that I hope have some wonderful advice to combat this terrible situation some time this week. Then, I suggest you invite a few other mommas with a great puke story also. I figure with the way moms exchange birth stories, there are plenty of puke stories to go around too. Feel free to share any puke related survival tips or words of wisdom. I'd oh so appreciate it, just in case I am ever faced with such a situation again. Cause I get the vibe that this wasn't the first time. Be sure and add a comment and (send others here to do so as well) so we can all enjoy your knowledge. Next week, I'll put them together and we can wallow in our misery together. Get it, wallow? Uck.

And the lucky first players are...