Wednesday, June 24, 2009

through the looking glass

The Booger has been ever so observant lately and has found a new past time---

Watching traffic waaaay down below our hotel we stayed at when we went to our cousin's wedding in Chicago.

Seriously dad, how'd they get down there?

There has been a lot of work across the street from our house, constructions vehicles and big trucks have been around for the past week. And the Booger is more than happy to watch it all.
Mom, come look!


And over here?
And to greet each and every bull dozer, dump truck, and construction worker...

I have oh so much to share from the last busy month. I have been busy bein' a good teacher and doing silly things like report cards and lesson plans, and the Booger has been busy growing and learning and being cute as ever! Stay tuned :-)


Barbara Manatee said...

OH, I'm certain if we were there, Jacob would be GLUED to that front door to watch all the BIG TRUCKS and Tractors! haha!! Dude would be in boy heaven!

Jaime said...

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