Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh what fun!

The Booger's growth spurts have not only changed the size of his clothes, somehow they have affected the size of his messes. Don't recall the original debacle? Refresh your memory.

Hmmm, not quite as good as dinner...

1 drawer down, 3 to go

who says clothes go in drawers- no way man!

still growing


Friday, February 27, 2009

He's a big 'un!

The big ol' 13 month old had his 12 month (oops...) check up yesterday. All checked out well, despite the wrestling match it took to make it through the usual checklist, and the blood curdling, mommy heart breaking, angry screams that preceded the brightly colored bandaids that now adorn the Booger's legs.
The stats:
22 lbs 12 oz
30 inches tall
cute as a button (like you didn't know!)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take a guess

Last weekend, Mike and I got a chance to spend the afternoon together just the two of us (and the movie theater full of people, and the store full of people... so not quite alone, but you get the idea). It was a great time to just relax and talk and catch up. With us both working full time, and Mike taking classes, we see each other for about 3 waking hours a day, most of which involve cramming food in our faces and either getting out of or getting into bed.

We were able to do what we wanted, catch a movie, a meal, make it home in time for dinner, bath, and bed for the Booger, and do a few more things at home. Which all leads me to this picture ....

Any guesses?

Look again

I'll fill you in on the juicy details one of these days. Entertain yourselves by guessing in the meantime.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sea legs

The Booger has a habit of taking his time to acquire a skill- then running right to the next step literally. Go baby go!

**Disclaimer- He is not walking on the wall, while talented and amazing, he is not Spidey. Turn your head to the right for the real picture. (Sorry for my lack of technological ability...)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Milk bath baby

A week or so ago, the Booger and I met a good friend of mine for coffee. Thankfully, the Booger decided against a caffienated beverage and went with strawfuls of h2O instead (you know the put your finger over the end trick... quite inefficient). I seconded the choice though, thanks to a great case of mommy brain, I forgot his sippy cup o' lactaid.
So when we got home at bedtime and in desperate need of a bathtime and drastically thirsty, we chose to multi-task like the pros that we are.

Oh thank god!

So I can be really messy right?

Greatest 'do ever!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It was a good try

Last night, my sister called. Not really a shocking event by any means, but most of the time (thanks to unlimited verizon-verizon text messages! woo!) we text back and forth for a few hours instead of sitting down for a friendly chat. It works well- we can accomplish things and tend to all the kiddos, make dinner, check email, sometimes talk on the phone with someone else. I think we both figured this ability to multi task was why we texted instead of talked...

Let me replay our conversation for you... maybe slightly embellished but to the best of my memory ... and you decide why we don't 'talk' often.

Me: Hello there!

Barb: Hey, figured I could call since we were both around anyway. I think I have a sig...

(call dropped...thanks for her lack of signal inside the house)


(Musical ringing)

Me: Hello again.

Barb: Sheesh- I had five bars when I dialed...


Sarah & Jacob: chatter, chatter, chatter (undecipherable over the phone)

Barb: He's got no problems eating- he's a chunker, gained around 2 pounds already!

Me: Good for you both, way to go buddy!

Adam: WAAAAA, don't forget I'm here!

Barb: Get your cup, I'll get your milk. (pretty sure she wasn't telling me that- she's a nice hostess and all, but don't think passing milk or cups for that matter over the phone will work very well)

Sarah & Jacob: chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter

Barb: Here's your milk. (I know I did not give her a cup, so it's not my milk..)

Sarah, Jacob, & Adam: chatter, WAA, chatter, WAA WAA, chatter

Barb: (laughing) I guess I should let you go, sorry!

Me: (laughing harder) I think I just remembered why we don't talk much! I love you have fun with the kiddos!

Barb: Feel free to keep texting- it's much quieter that way and you then won't have to decide when I am talking to you and not the three cute as could be ankle biters around here.

Me: Okay, love you! Kiss your kiddos from their favorite aunt.

Barb: You too!


Thank goodness for technology!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yummy birthday pictures!

With my wonderful slacker mom abilities, I have managed to become the last one (see who beat me, here and here... and don't think you're nutty when you click on the second one- yes we used the same scrapbook, no we didn't do it together, yes she created it way before me and no, I did not recognize it when I chose it... ha!)

Anywho... the Booger's actual 1st birthday came and went semi- uneventfully (the Booger and I spent the day together, though unplanned) as he was completely unaware and my husband works evenings. We decided to commence the festivities the following Sunday with the whole fam. He has had a blast playing with the wonderful fun things his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents bestowed on him. (Thank you everyone for coming and sharing the love... one of these days the Booger will write a thank you note. I've got to teach him to write first though... I'll work on that, but don't hold your breath.)

For those of you who did not celebrate with us- it's better late than never! Celebrate at home in your jammies and slippers while the look at the cutest Booger you ever did see.

Click to play 1st birthday party

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Take a few moments...

This post has been brewing in my head for a while, but I wasn't quite sure where to go with it. Then, the other day I came across this post on the blog of an amazing momma of some quite adorable quads. And I realized this was the perfect opportunity.

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

Check out the whole idea here.

If you've been following any of the blogs I read also, you know why our hearts are breaking, and why we are all hugging our itty bitty loved ones oh so close. So many things have been shared with me or have occured to me over the past several weeks, and I have been reminded so often that it is absolutely not, at all, all about me.

Lots of little stresses in life make it hard for you to stop and remember that really- you are so lucky. Maybe you have to play musical bank accounts to pay your bills, maybe you have sick babies and have to miss work, maybe there are a multitude of difficult or frustrating things at home or at work.

But, at least you can move some money around to make things work, at least you have a baby you can miss work for, at least you have a job.

In the grand scheme, there are so many big things we all have to be thankful for, that these little things will pass and it will work out okay. Over the past two years there are several people I am close to who have been touched by tragedy. Some have battled through it and come out on the other side, others have lost much, and have left loved ones behind. I have been there the best way I can, but still sometimes get wrapped up in my life.

The other day I was at a professional development meeting thinking about the trillion things I needed to do. During a break, I was talking with a close friend who is now about 4 months pregnant. We haven't seen each other much lately and were catching up, looking at pictures of her 2 year old and came across a strongly worded election sign from her publicly opinionated neighbor's yard. Which sparked another hearbreaking story. And reminded me those trillion little things were not such a big deal.

This doesn't speak to my opinion or her opinion on the topic, but it really makes you stop and think before you share your opinions- because it is not all about you.

She shared that just before she became pregnant with this baby, she had miscarried. It had been a hard day at work on top of everything else she was carrying on her shoulders. She came home to find her neighbor putting up an anti-abortion sign that said "Babies don't choose to die". She barely made it in the door and all she could do to explain to her husband was point outside. He went out and talked to the neighbor, who eventually agreed to take the sign down.

As I said- not speaking to any opinions about the topic. Everyone is absolutely entitled to their thoughts, feelings, and opinions, but we all need to remember that it isn't about us. We never know what someone else is going through. Just take a few moments and remember there is so much around us that we can't even begin to know or understand. We can at least stop and help those we do know about, if nothing else by sending good thoughts and hope their way.

There are so many terrific things the great blogging ladies are doing right now (and have done, and I'm sure will do) to help others, there is no way I can list them all. Take a peek to the left, check them out and see what you can do to help.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wagie Rides for Tuesday

Despite my geographic location this weekend, my heart and mind were far away, with the friends and family and all those who loved little Tuesday . Thanks to Moms without Blogs and Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit, those of us who have been touched by the story have been able to be a part of an amazing tribute and memorial for the family.

This was a weekend that I was fortunate enough to spend with my wonderful son and my wonderful husband, and I am happy to say that my son has marked this celebration of life with his first series of steps.

The Booger, his grandma, and I spent a day last March walking to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I thought our pictures from that day would be an extra addition to Tuesday's wagie ride.

Be sure to click on the links above to see the oustanding number of people who have taken wagie rides (or walks, or sled rides) this weekend.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I spy....

... the Booger's pacifier in the fridge. Why, you might ask? He's teething and that helps his little gums? Is it some strange sterilizing fad? Maybe a safe place so it doesn't get lost in the rest of the chaos you call a house?

Great guesses, but no sir-ee... the unexciting, but wholly honest answer is because his momma had one of those weeks. The kind you know going into it will be long, but by the end of it you realize you didn't really know quite how long that meant.

The Booger understands.

Oh- does he ever understand. No- I did not edit this picture for dramatic effect. These are the basset hound eyes my son was sporting Thursday night. Yes, that is bright slime green gunk collecting at the bottom. Yes, they were so red and puffy it looks like hes been in a fight. Oh, and yes, I was two hours away when day care called to inform me of the green-eyed monster.
Oh, the joys!