Saturday, February 14, 2009

It was a good try

Last night, my sister called. Not really a shocking event by any means, but most of the time (thanks to unlimited verizon-verizon text messages! woo!) we text back and forth for a few hours instead of sitting down for a friendly chat. It works well- we can accomplish things and tend to all the kiddos, make dinner, check email, sometimes talk on the phone with someone else. I think we both figured this ability to multi task was why we texted instead of talked...

Let me replay our conversation for you... maybe slightly embellished but to the best of my memory ... and you decide why we don't 'talk' often.

Me: Hello there!

Barb: Hey, figured I could call since we were both around anyway. I think I have a sig...

(call dropped...thanks for her lack of signal inside the house)


(Musical ringing)

Me: Hello again.

Barb: Sheesh- I had five bars when I dialed...


Sarah & Jacob: chatter, chatter, chatter (undecipherable over the phone)

Barb: He's got no problems eating- he's a chunker, gained around 2 pounds already!

Me: Good for you both, way to go buddy!

Adam: WAAAAA, don't forget I'm here!

Barb: Get your cup, I'll get your milk. (pretty sure she wasn't telling me that- she's a nice hostess and all, but don't think passing milk or cups for that matter over the phone will work very well)

Sarah & Jacob: chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter

Barb: Here's your milk. (I know I did not give her a cup, so it's not my milk..)

Sarah, Jacob, & Adam: chatter, WAA, chatter, WAA WAA, chatter

Barb: (laughing) I guess I should let you go, sorry!

Me: (laughing harder) I think I just remembered why we don't talk much! I love you have fun with the kiddos!

Barb: Feel free to keep texting- it's much quieter that way and you then won't have to decide when I am talking to you and not the three cute as could be ankle biters around here.

Me: Okay, love you! Kiss your kiddos from their favorite aunt.

Barb: You too!


Thank goodness for technology!


Barbara Manatee said...

LMAO!!! Hope your eardrums have recovered from the noise and chaos. Love you lots!

Jules said...

What would we do without technology??!! I don't think any of us would survive!! lol
Take care & smile! ;0)

Mastraccifchg said...

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