Monday, February 23, 2009

Sea legs

The Booger has a habit of taking his time to acquire a skill- then running right to the next step literally. Go baby go!

**Disclaimer- He is not walking on the wall, while talented and amazing, he is not Spidey. Turn your head to the right for the real picture. (Sorry for my lack of technological ability...)


Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah Luke!! Looking great! Can't wait to get him with his cousins again and see how he keeps up!! THEN we'll all have fun watching them all run around!!

Jules said...

OMG Nici, he's getting too big too fast!! How 'bout when we find a brick to strap to Cody's head to slow him down, we'll send you one too!?!
Take care, and give Luke oxoxox for me! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Luke. Now you can get to the cat quicker. Way to go dude. Uncle Mike