Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some new developments

The Booger has been oh so busy lately growing and learning a million and five things and I've been so busy enjoying it that I haven't much kept track of some of these little milestones in my boy's life. Thought I take a quick recap of his latest abilities.

1) No tears at day care in the morning (and this with a recent change in venue!)

2) Walking like a champ- can even stand up without pulling up on something

Up, up

and away!

3) A sudden ability to hold and actually drink out of his sippy cup!

4) An unending curiousity about everything. He asks "a dat?" (translation: what's that?) no less than 1,000,003 times a day. To which we answer every time. Cause that's why we're here.

He's recently begun exclaiming something else too, but I'm not sure quite yet what exactly that something means. He also says "hi", "dada", "mommmmmma", something in the nature of "I want" or "I need", "uh oh oh oh" (often just before he throws his cup or spoon on the floor...), might also say"outside"..? It resembles "what's that" but is a wee bit different... And he might say "I got!" from time to time. Hey, I'm a mom, not a translator...

5) He can climb on his little baby scooter thing a ma jigs...

Practicing inside (with no clothes to trip on...?)

Showing off outside- with clothes on...

But he can't quite ride them...

Sorry bubba- had to share this one...
he's fine if you're concerned

6) He knows animals make noises- and will growl at any animal or picture of an animal he sees. Even ducks.

7) He knows you say 'hi' on the phone- any phone he gets his hands on, he puts it to his ear and says "hi"! He has also been known to use any given object as a phone throughout the day and says "hi" to it too!

8) I think we've achieved a solution to the seemingly endless diaper and laundry issue. My washer thanks the makers of Silk!

9) His paci is officially retired. With no dramatic issues (except for Saturday morning when Momma can catch an extra half hour of zzz's if she gives it to him while they cuddle. Yes, it's worth it.)

10) He throws a terrific toddler tantrum. Need I say more?

Oh, and he's driving. Yes, I know, he's advanced. We're hoping he can reach the pedals by the winter. Then he's getting a cab. Gotta earn his goldfish crackers!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Monkey-ing around

This little bucket...

came with the nursery set of Curious George items I found on ebay for the Booger's nursery. You know, one of those things that is part of a set, but you could take it or leave it...
Apparently, my little monkey would definitely take it!



*Insert baby belly laugh*

Mommy guilt

This morning (followed by an entire day...) I stumbled upon a whole new realm of mommy guilt, I've not much considered before. The reason ... I'm a mom.

Well, duh, right? Several of my great coworkers and friends are moms. One of them is pregnant with her second, and just found out she is having a boy. She is emotionally and mentally working through the algebra - trying to add up what feel like numbers (a girl) and letters (a boy) - that will equal her family in the coming months.

Unbeknownst to me, one of our other coworkers has been trying to start her own family over the last year. As many, many people know there are so many ups and downs in that journey. I've seen, listened to, and cheered for many people traveling that road that finally ended in beautiful, bouncing babies. But- I've never done this cheerleading from the other side of the field.

You know, the one full of beautiful, bouncing babies.

Long story short- this coworker popped into my office for some refuge from the baby algebra this morning and shared her story, and that she wouldn't care what numbers, letters, or symbols it involved, as long as the equation ended with a baby in her arms. All day, this weighed on me and my emotions. I can't begin to imagine how hard it is to feel something so out of your reach and control. I know that it is the best thing you will ever experience and that you would never give it up from the second you know you've got it. I am hopeful that she will soon know how wonderful motherhood is.

Yet, I also understand the fear that even a mom who has been there, done that feels when she knows there is something new and different happening to the family she already has. The fear of how it will change what she has worked hard for, and the mixed feelings about your own ability to make it work and do it all right.

After school, several of us (most of whom are mommas+ someone who really wants to be among others) were chatting, and it of course turned to how the pregnancy was going, deliveries, babies, and kids in general. She, I think made herself stay through the conversation, then quietly walked away after the topic changed. I couldn't help but think that it must be so hard to be surrounded by momma after momma everywhere.

I am so thankful to have my beautiful boy and know I will happily welcome another baby (or 2) into our family in the future. I will never be the person I was before that little boy came into my life, my life will never be the same. And I wouldn't have it any other way. But I can't help feeling guilty because there are people whose lives haven't been touched with that gift yet. This really is a whole new realm of mommy guilt, that I'm not sure I will be able to shake until a few more babies have entered the world. Most importantly her world.

those eyes and that smile make it all worth it

Monday, March 16, 2009


Shaved my legs today! I know! Shocking! No really, it is. I truly cherish the few extra moments in bed in the mornings way to much to waste them in the shower contorted in strange ways using a small weapon against myself.

It all started with the beautiful sunshiny weather. It inspired me to dig out my beloved flip flops and the stroller. The Booger and I enjoyed soaking up the sun for over an hour and topped it off with a trip to the playscape across the street.

Upon returning home, the Booger's little rock eating self was in desperate need of a bath. He even knew it and tried to get himself in the tub. My, that was oh so helpful, not at all a glimpse into my little monkey's delinquent future. While playing with the little raisin he was becoming, I realized my feet were also in need of a dip in the tub. So in my miraculous ability to mommy multitask, I decided to do a little impromptu foot-soaking.

And while sitting pants-less (cause we all know babies and bathtubs lead to splashing and why would I keep my pants on?) on the side of the tub, I noticed a beautiful green disposable razor and realized I could take multitasking to a whole new level. Oh, I was so proud of myself and what I was about to accomplish.


the Booger was playing with the can of oh so cool shapeable foam soap that suddenly became possessed and started squirting out all on its own, while he squealed and whined and shook vigorously to get the aforementioned apparently poisonous, burning substance off his chubby little hands and as far away as possible. No problem for a multi tasking mom- it's an awful lot like shaving cream. I'll just scoop it right up and slather it on. Mmm, smells good too. Problem averted


A certain someone remembered he could stand up in the tub and my attempts to sideways (I am sitting next to him essentially...) wrestle him into sitting while not splashing the smell good foam off my legs. Moments later, child seated and placated with tub toys.

Whew! Shaving accomplished. Step out, dry off, lube up. While I'm at it, why don't I put a little lotion on my feet too. They're nice and soft, I could give myself a little pedicure right here next to the tub. I could wear sandals tomorrow too. So excited! Giddy, almost.

Make it through both feet only because I break the "we sit in the tub" rule to allow the Booger to stand up and adorn the tub faucets with adorable toy crab and octopus hats.

The second I set aside the nail kit, he turns with a satisfied smile and starts signing "all done" frantically. That'd be great- but in my mommy multitasking, I managed to skip the purpose behind the beginning of this whole fiasco- cleaning the dirty baby.

So ensues another wrestling match involving soap, a washcloth, and pink, slippery, squealing pig, ahem baby. And don't forget a pants-less, smooth legged, pedicured mama.

Moral of the story- just get up five minutes earlier and shave your legs in peace. Sheesh!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

another weekend, another playground

After a week of torrential rain followed by bitter cold- thanks Michigan, really... we were lucky enough to have 2 beautiful days this weekend. We took advantage of yesterday afternoon to go to the playground where I work (our favorite- was out of commission...low lying area+rain= playground surrouded by a mini lake).

Once the Booger checked out the playscape with daddy, he went for a walk,

and took a turn in the swings...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New and improved

The Booger's shaggy look is history and he looks like such a 'kid' now! My baby boy is nearly history too! He was so good the whole time, a little whining and wiggling, but it was said and done super fast, giving him little time to protest. After the semi traumatic event, he played and flirted with the other stylist while I took my turn.

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Rollin' in fun!

Last weekend we spent the whole weekend together. This is a rare occurence as my husband often has to work on Saturdays. (We're pulling for another whole weekend right now too...). Just for fun we made a trip to Toys R Us, and left with these.

The Booger's day care has a few sets of Roll A Rounds, and he makes a beeline for them most mornings. So when we came across them, I thought he'd like a set at home. Boy oh boy! Does he ever! We got home around 4:00 and I swear the only time he wasn't double fistin' his new toys was during dinner. He even went to bed with one in each hand. He yelled at the cat today when Thumper started batting one around the living room. We'll work on sharing... and not tormenting the cat...but that's a whole 'nother lesson.

trying to play with one in each hand...

pure joy!

and after dinner too...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby picture Sunday

We got a glimpse of spring at the end of the week, so the Booger and I took advantage to head to a super fun park just down the street from us.

Upjohn Park is a Boundless Playground that was built just after we moved here, it is almost completely handicap accessible, and is wonderful for all kids, but especially some of the kiddos I've worked with, which makes it that much better.

We visited last summer with my sister, but the Booger wasn't too sure what to do at a park yet... boy things have changed in a few months!

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I cannot begin to describe how great this was! He had just watched big kids crawl up the slide and wanted to try for himself.

*** still can't manage to turn videos the right way.. sorry :-(

Be sure to stop by Debi's and check out endless amounts of park fun!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two-for Tuesday

My boys. I love 'em!

Stop by Deanna's blog to play along or just to check out all the other deuces.

Thoughtful Tuesday

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.
We all need to take time to remember that others have life going on. And often, at least in my case, the life I have going on is really quite alright. More than alright. In honor of Tuesday and the wonderful people who love her and her family, the bloggy world is taking some time to think about all those other people and their life that is more trying, more giving, more something.
On my mind lately have been my husband's uncle and his family. Around the first of the year, Dave was diagnosed with a brain tumor, after suffering from headaches and other troubles for some time. There was a golf ball size tumor pushing on his eye and it seemed best case scenario led to blindness or permanent double vision, on top of side effects from any other treatments. He and his wife Melany have four great children, all under 18. Oh- and Dave is a pastor (it can happen to anyone...). Over the past 8 years, I've only spent time with their family a handful of times, but you could easily tell they are a very loving and close family. Somehow through a slew of doctor's appointments, brain, optical, and facial reconstruction surgery, they are able to trust it all to a higher power. Way beyond me, I admit, not something that I could do. Last update was that recovery is coming along, hard and uncomfortable, but recovery.
All they are asking for is prayer and support. If you have a moment- stop by their Caring Bridge site (a wonderful non-profit site for patients and their families can update loved ones), read their story, and leave a message of support. Or just take a moment and think about their family and all those fighting through something similar. Cause- it's not all about you.

Check out the whole idea behind Tuesday's tribute here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

This has been quite a saga around here.

Before a walking baby- stationary kitty

After a walking baby- wandering kitty

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just so you know

Babies smell good.