Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some new developments

The Booger has been oh so busy lately growing and learning a million and five things and I've been so busy enjoying it that I haven't much kept track of some of these little milestones in my boy's life. Thought I take a quick recap of his latest abilities.

1) No tears at day care in the morning (and this with a recent change in venue!)

2) Walking like a champ- can even stand up without pulling up on something

Up, up

and away!

3) A sudden ability to hold and actually drink out of his sippy cup!

4) An unending curiousity about everything. He asks "a dat?" (translation: what's that?) no less than 1,000,003 times a day. To which we answer every time. Cause that's why we're here.

He's recently begun exclaiming something else too, but I'm not sure quite yet what exactly that something means. He also says "hi", "dada", "mommmmmma", something in the nature of "I want" or "I need", "uh oh oh oh" (often just before he throws his cup or spoon on the floor...), might also say"outside"..? It resembles "what's that" but is a wee bit different... And he might say "I got!" from time to time. Hey, I'm a mom, not a translator...

5) He can climb on his little baby scooter thing a ma jigs...

Practicing inside (with no clothes to trip on...?)

Showing off outside- with clothes on...

But he can't quite ride them...

Sorry bubba- had to share this one...
he's fine if you're concerned

6) He knows animals make noises- and will growl at any animal or picture of an animal he sees. Even ducks.

7) He knows you say 'hi' on the phone- any phone he gets his hands on, he puts it to his ear and says "hi"! He has also been known to use any given object as a phone throughout the day and says "hi" to it too!

8) I think we've achieved a solution to the seemingly endless diaper and laundry issue. My washer thanks the makers of Silk!

9) His paci is officially retired. With no dramatic issues (except for Saturday morning when Momma can catch an extra half hour of zzz's if she gives it to him while they cuddle. Yes, it's worth it.)

10) He throws a terrific toddler tantrum. Need I say more?

Oh, and he's driving. Yes, I know, he's advanced. We're hoping he can reach the pedals by the winter. Then he's getting a cab. Gotta earn his goldfish crackers!


Jules said...

So many milestones, hard to keep track of huh? It is fun though to watch them grow!! What a cutie!!

Love ya!

Barbara Manatee said...

thanks for the warning to stay off the streets! yeah for all the big milestones!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he drives better than his mother. HAha.