Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting better every day

The Booger has been working on finger foods for the last week or so. He was doing pretty well, but often missed his mouth because his (quite delicious) puffed, dissolvable-so-he-can't-choke-cereal adhered to and dissolved on his sticky little hands before his sticky little fingers could pick them up and get them to his mouth! Which, in itself, was pretty entertaining.

All of a sudden it clicked though, he seems to have it mastered as of 5:30 pm EST. Chewing and all! I'm excited to start giving him more 'real' food, just to see what he does. He gobbles up new baby food as though he's had it all before. Then he looks at me like "I got this, Mom, what else you got for me?"

I had to take a picture of him in his highchair today because he just looked so big, sitting up like a big kid, smiling his 1,000 watt smile at me. Time flies.... when you're a parent. Fun or not- though, I have to say more fun than not.

The Booger gettin' strapped in for the first time (4 mo's)

Tonight, looking big as all get out!

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Deanna said...

awwwww...Nicci tooo cute!
He looks soo small in that big ole' chair!!