Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Boy!

Just noticed- its been a week! We'll just add blogging to my ever-growing list of things to accomplish. And the pity is, it is something I actually want to do. Pooh. You know things are crazy when you can't even find time for the little things you like to do.

One of our big developments lately has been the purchase and installation of a new carseat for the Booger! We (ok, I) are the parents who plan, think, research, look, wait, think, decide, think, then buy. So we asked a number of people, looked at the different options, checked things out on websites and reviews and chose Cosco's Alpha Omega Elite. I think the one we got was the last of this version, but we actually liked it better than the newer version, because the padding was machine washable. (only to discover this was only after a wrestling match- so it will likely be spot cleaned most of the time, despite my excitement).

Once we chose it- we waited a bit more, because we had coupons. Oh do I love me some coupons! Then, bonus, on top of the coupon, we got another 10 % off for it being the display. The only difference is we didn't get a box (which we would just throw away anyway), or an instruction manual (which I downloaded with minimal searching from the website).

He likes his new seat lots, and enjoys sitting up higher because he can sort of see out the window. Okay, he can only barely see really big trucks when they go by, but he seems excited anyway. He is still tryinng to figure out how to get comfy to doze off, but no other complaints from the Booger or the Mommy and Daddy!


Barbara Manatee said...

Glad he likes his new seat!! Gosh, he does look like a big boy there! WOW! Its been too long since we've seen him....waaaa! :-) Hope to see you soon, sis! Love and miss ya!

Lisa T said...

Wow, he looks so grown up! I've noticed in almost every single picture, Luke has a little smile on his face. Just goes to show how happy a boy he is!

Deanna said...

what a BIG boy in his new carseat!!
Tooooo ADORABLE!!!!

That shirt is sooo stinkin' cute on him too!!!

Glad you got all the research done you needed to before you bought one. I'm guilty of not researing much...{GULP}....I can just ask you to do my research right...LOL!!!