Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anyone got a bucket?

I know many people have felt the effects of severe weather over the past week. I've never really seen flooding to much degree, so this is pretty surprising to us, though I know it's nothing compared to others situations. We're very lucky that we are looking at this from afar and have not had to bail ourselves out.

My work is centrally located amidst all the newly created lakes and rivers in downtown Kalamazoo, so tonight my 2-3 minute drive from home took about 15-20 minutes of driving out of my way and around the water in order to get there.

While I was there, someone had sent these pictures. Crazy!

This is a view of part of downtown from the hospital where the Booger was born, just a couple minutes from our house. Beneath all that water should be streets and parking lots.

This is where our local baseball team was supposed to play this week... you usually have to walk up steps to that platform.

This is a bank about 5 minutes from our house...many residents seem to be choosing alternate methods of transportation.


Barbara Manatee said...

Wow! I had heard you got more rain than us (and we got a LOT here!) but I did not know it was that bad!! Whoa! SO glad you guys are dry, despite how close you are to all that! I know none of that is far at all from you!!

Lisa T said...

Wow! I hadn't realized that you guys got quite that much rain. I'm glad that you guys are ok, and dry, but it has got to be fun getting around. I've never seen something like this in person (or known anyone personally who has), so this is wild.

Deanna said...

Oh man that is just craziness.....
Glad you all are safe and dry!!! Hope the city recovers soon.

Codster said...

They should do swimming instead.

p.s. (That is so wierd.)