Saturday, September 13, 2008


The Booger's crib was recalled a while ago- much to my dismay. (Check out the post here.) We were frustrated for many reasons, but I remember having the conversation with several people about our lack of options in choosing a new crib. We didn't necessarily want to go through the same manufacturer, but really were just hesitant in general because who knew what would happen to whatever we chose. Would it get recalled too? Who was making sure these things they expected my most precious possession to sleep in would keep him safe and who messed up the first time?

Well- here are some answers to those questions! Toys R Us has laid down some rules for their manufacturers since all of the recent recalls. Good for them. Doesn't make ours any extra safer, but glad someone made changes that needed to be made, and that we will have more options soon. Check it out.,0,3920863.story

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