Monday, September 22, 2008

Mommy moment Monday

Thanks to Jamie, I am happy to share a mommy moment from this week.

The Booger has figured out how to crawl as of the middle of last week. Crazy to me that on Sunday when Grandma and Grandma K were here, he was still on the verge, and by Thursday he was off like a shot.

Lucky mommy that I am- Friday, when I got home he saw me, left his toys in the dust he and crawled right over to me. Then he turned to his sitter and waved. To me, that means "My amazing and wonderful favorite mom in the whole wide world is here, you are no longer necessary, thank you very much."

Don't get me wrong- he seems to love his sitter- has taken to her really well and she takes great care of him, but, really, that's what he meant. Mom's honor.

If you'd like to check out his new skills, scroll on down!


Jules said...

It's great to see him going through so many changes, especially since we don't se him that often. Savor every moment, it all goes by so fast,it's unbelievable!! Take care, love ya!!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing your mommy moment!!! Its always so much fun when they learn new things isn't it??? Crawling is a big one! Its all fast from there!!!

Congrats on having a crawler!


Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah! Way to go, lil man!! Love his smile -and the grunts...its so much work!!