Saturday, September 6, 2008


Not, really. I've actually been super busy all week, didn't really get a chance to sit down (unless I was falling into bed) until last night. And even then, had to do some research for school. Welcome back to real life. Way to go all you ladies who do it every day, and have had me beat for years. If you can do it, I can too. Go team!

Last Thursday, teachers officially reported to school, so I spent the day there. Over the weekend, I went into a crazy house cleaning, organizing frenzy, realizing that I needed to accomplish some things before I would not have time ever again. Plus we put our house back together- we've been refinishing floors for the past couple months, and finally finished and put things back in their places. It's quite nice to be typing this while sitting on the couch, not holed up in our bedroom because it was the only (semi) clutter free place. (I'll post some pictures later, it looks amazing!)

I worked on Monday, then school started Tuesday. So Tuesday and Thursday evening I spent working after school, Wednesday was grocery shopping. Yesterday, I was supposed to work but lucked out and got to spend the evening with my boys. The Booger and I are heading to the office for a few hours after his nap today too.

I'm tired just thinking about it all again! It really was a good week though. The teacher I'm working is amazing, as are the other teachers and prinicpal at the school. I'm pretty lucky, as I think this will be a good semester. And I have a job to look forward to.

So- really, I have only been a blog slacker. I decided I would rather spend time with the Booger instead of writing about him. I'm pretty satisified with that choice too :-)


Barbara Manatee said...

Definitely a good choice on the priorities!! And yes, welcome to the 'real world.' Fun, huh? at least once your internship is over, you shouldn't have to juggle the 2nd job in that will help some. But life itself will never slow down...ugh!

Amy Marshall said...

Glad to hear you are doing well and your internship is good!! I know how busy that is!! I am glad you made the choice to be with your boys but I have to admit I was going a little crazy without my daily Booger fix!! I was checking everyday waiting for an update! This semester will fly by before you know it, but your sister is right it never slows down! I thought with my kids getting old enough to come home for an hour by their selves it would but now the fall sports are kicking in and Band rehearsal and all my work, no it is not going to slow down!