Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two for Tuesday (too)

My wonderful sister keeps finding fun things to play along with. Now, Deanna at Eight is Great is ready for pictures of twos... Since I only have one, it was a bit of a search, but then I found this...

I have a wonderful friend who watches the Booger for us while we're at work. They have a Doberman, a Chihuahua and the cutey pie (Hannah) above. All three dogs love him- the little ones even try to hog him, and keep the Doberman away from him! Hannah joined their family just after the Booger joined us, though as you can see, he's got a few pounds on her already. He loves to play with them, and is starting to really want to get up and chase after them. They are blissfully unaware of what's in store once their 'toy' starts moving and grooving!

Excited to see what other twos are coming!


Deanna said...

Ok, that photo is tooooo stinkin' cute!!!

Glad you found a picture to play along!!!


Barbara Manatee said...

hehehe...Looks like that pup is much more Booger's size and temperment compared to the pup who used to reside with you...;-) Hope Bella is doing well, running and playing in some big backyard!