Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Recap of the story behind the story: The Booger made appearance in the world a year or two before we thought he would- the best surprise ever! But, Mommy was not quite finished with school. We found out about his pending arrival during my last summer semester of actual classes on campus. Then I started my first internship right about the time I was starting to show (I have to do two, one in a general education, one in a special education setting) and finished waddling around like a duck. Since he was due about two weeks after the start of the next semester, we decided it would be better to take the spring semester off instead of juggling sleep deprivation, newborn, and a classroom of kids with special needs as a first time mom. A decision I will never regret, despite delaying my graduation and the income teaching will bring.

The Story: I guess since I was not on campus much while I was pregnant, because I never really felt like a pregnant college student- two complicated things to juggle. Today, however, I felt a bit out of place. I took the Booger with me to campus to turn in some paperwork for financial aid. I loaded him up in his stroller and started the trek to the building (that was of course quite a distance from where I had to park). As I walked, I passed lots of people going on their merry way, most of whom slowed down a bit and did a double-take at me and my gorgeous boy. Now- we all know he's cute and we're used to flirting with the people we meet out and about. But I realized that wasn't exactly why people were checking us out. We were a wee bit out of place with a diaper bag and a stroller heading towards the store o' text books.

Many, many moms have returned to school after years of being gone, several of whom I have had classes with and love and admire dearly. I think today I got a teeny, tiny little taste of how they feel taking time out of their family to join the crazy that a college campus is. I've barely been 'gone' and can't imagine getting into the swing of lugging myself back to class with a bunch of people whose lives are not only on a different page, but out of a completely different book. More power to all the moms who join or rejoin the scholary or the work world after taking time to raise and enjoy their families. You go girls!


Barbara Manatee said...

So is Booger going with you to the next kegger? hehe...just kidding!

I agree though - Life obviously takes different paths for different people, but I am amazed at those who are able to go to work, go to school and raise their family all at the same time. I'm so relieved that I was able to get both my undergrad and grad work out of the way before the twins arrived (with two in tow, not sure I'd have finished!). Doing the online classes now are a breeze in comparison to going to class all the time. I don't envy you and the hurdles you've faced - but at the same time - I am immensely proud of you for continuing on and still pursuing your dream, all while becoming a wonderful mommy, too! You have my UTMOST respect, little sister! (I'm also rather proud to know you're following a similar path as me...) I know its been a long road, but you're almost there...!! I can't wait to celebrate with you when you finally sign that contract and flip that tassel! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, they were looking at the booger, but not the one in the stroller. It was the one on your nose. hehe. Mike