Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome to the the Daily Booger. Maybe.

I have had the best of intentions about starting traditions and doing things weekly or monthly since he was born. I tried taking pictures with his age on a little sign. I tried making onesies with his height, weight, and age. I have things to make a scrapbook. I occasionally remember to write his 'firsts' on a calendar.

Results: pictures of a one week old Booger, a onesie for 2 months old, and a box of pictures, hospital bracelets, and other momentos. And a baby named Booger.

The one thing I've accomplished consistently is posting pictures in multiple places and emailing my mom and sister. So now the plan is to multitask and keep up with how amazingly quickly he grows, and maybe actually end up with a traditionish type something! We'll see!

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Barbara Manatee said...

I obviously had our blog before the twinkies but am so glad I have it now b/c it IS like a little scrapbook of our lives. I actually wish I'd updated it more regularly when they were tiny and even shared the littlest things back then...just to have things documented! I write pretty much daily now, but wish I had then, too (somewhere in between the diapers, bottles, and babies!)

Welcome to blog world!
Love ya!