Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Booger has almost mastered sitting up on his own... almost. He loves sitting up and looks like a little caveman with his fists on the floor in front of him. He sways and swoons side to side and front to back while he plays with his toys, and I usually put a leg out to support him and he can bounce back up when he leans to far one way or the other.

Mom! How' do I do this?!?

Whenever he gets excited though he always throws his arms out, and it got the best of him today. He was sitting up across from me, and looked up and gave me the sweetest smile, threw out his arms, then... he toppled backwards!

Mind you, like every baby he has fallen over before or bummed his head and had other little baby accidents, and even though I expect him to cry he never has.

Until today.

Oh my, right away he started bawling- huge crocodile tears, and howling with a horrible, hoarse cry. Then he paused, and let out an even bigger wail! I scooped him up and cuddled him and kissed his sweet little fuzzy head until he calmed down and looked up and gave me the sweet smile that started it all!

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