Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Booger figured out how to blow rasberries a while ago, but gave it up when he discovered he could put his feet in his mouth. Pretty impressive skills...

This weekend he rediscovered his rasberry blowing abilities. He has since logged hours of rasberry blowing fun. He is figuring out how to take turns with us, and if one of us waits too long to blow one at him, he reaches out and grabs our mouths or chins to make us do it again.

He puts his whole baby self into this terrific fun- he jumps up and down, opens his mouth reeallly wide, sticks out his tongue and blows all the air his little lungs can hold (along with all the drool in his mouth) at us.

We spent at least half an hour playing last night when we woke him up for his last feeding, and when he ate this morning, he tried to get me to play again, even after I put him back down and left the room. When I wouldn't play, he blew rasberries at the ceiling until he tired himself out enough to fall asleep again. Silly boy!

No luck catching it on video yet, but stay posted- I'll keep trying!

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Barbara Manatee said...

hehehe...he's already training you, huh? smart boy! I can just picture him all slobbery and cute!