Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another day of promises

I promise to dance and sing and play with you for a lifetime.

I love your smile and your infectious laugh, the sweet squeal that comes out at the end, of it, and how much harder you laugh when I laugh too. It warms my heart watching you play and discover the world around you. I have done my best to leave the house in shambles around us, so that we can play and enjoy the short time we have together. You are only a baby for such a short time, and far too soon you will want to play all on your own. Please know that I do my best to make all the other little unimportant things take a back seat to you and our family. (When you get older, you will understand how hard that is for your multi-taskin' momma!) I look forward to all the things we have to experience as you grow up, and promise that I will help you enjoy every last minute of it. Or darn close to it. I hope to give you a safe world that allows you to be a child until you grow up.

I can only hope that showing you how much I love you and how much you matter to me, will build a relationship that makes you want to dance and sing and play with me for a lifetime.

I love you bubba!

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