Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am happy to announce the splendid arrival of my new niece or nephew!

I can't spoil the surprise dear folks, no fair. But I am happy to say everyone is happy and healthy. And tired, I'm sure.

It's hard to grasp how much has changed for them over the last two years. I remember being so worried and scared for my sister and her babies two years ago. I was at work and couldn't wait to get out of there, let alone make the two hour drive! The last time around was very hard for her physically, and I can't imagine how hard mentally and emotionally. I had to wait a few minutes after the Booger was born to hold him and if I hadn't been cursing at the doctor while he did his doctorly duties- I would've been jumping off the table to get him.

I am so unbelievably happy that she and my brother in law were able to enjoy the wonderful experience that is 'having' a baby. I remember talking to her soon after she discovered this little joy was soon to come, okay as soon as ten pregnant months can be... She was so worried about being a good mom to all of her little ones. I had no worries- only awe. Because if anyone can do it- it's her. I've not seen anyone raise twins before, but somehow she makes it look super de duper easy! She and her hubby are the first people I go to with any baby (and way to quickly toddler)-related questions, and by golly, if they don't know they find out! Thanks for being such a great parents and helping us to make it through our (no doubt, not toughest) first year. I love you two and all your babies so much. Congratulations. Enjoy what your family has grown into!

I must stop before I get waaaay to sentimental- I feel a lot of those moments arising, and I feel I should spare you...

(hint hint- if you head over to facebook, Barb has made an announcement!!!!)

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Barbara Manatee said...

Thanks sis...love you lots. I've got mental notes brewing in my head of what I plan to write about our newest addition...it sure is amazing how one little thing can change your world and outlook!