Tuesday, January 20, 2009


While we celebrate my nephew's 1 week birthday, I am settling myself into the Booger's First Birthday Countdown! When he was born, we were given a wonderful book 100 Promises to My Baby by Mallika Choppra. It is not the type of book you sit down to read, but one of those that you come back to when you need a few moments of meditation or a gentle reminder that it (it being late nights, early mornings, diapers, laundry, tears, and inconsolable babies and mommies and daddies) is all truly, truly worth it, especially this amazing first year.

In coming across it again this evening, I realized that it would be a wonderful way to reminisce and celebrate the week leading up to my miraculous son's first birthday. I spent some time looking through and pulled out a few promises that I want to give to him. Stop by throughout the week to watch the flashbacks (in photos) to go along with my Mommy moments.

My first promise on your first birthday;

I promise to love you, with not limits, from the depths of my soul, even when I know that it makes me more vulnerable than I have ever felt before.

I cannot count the number of times I have been amazed that I could love someone this much. Just looking down at you sometimes, I catch myself in awe. In awe of the amazing little bundle of personality that I nurtured and grew for months and months has stopped moving for a few moments and is so soft and sweet. In awe that I am 'the one' that you look for when you are scared or surprised or excited. In awe of the task that I am facing to somehow raise you to be a happy, satisfied, successful, well-rounded, strong-minded, loving, good person. In awe that in one whole year you have changed my life more than I could have ever imagined, more than any person I have ever met.

I know that you give me unquestioning love, and I want you to always know you have had the same love, magnified by thousands from me. I know when you are older, you will probably not believe me because I have to be the 'mean' mom. Always know that I really and truly love you from the depths of my soul, and that will never change.


Barbara Manatee said...

That book sounds awesome! I'll have to take a look at it next time we see each other. ;-)

It IS amazing, huh? the way they can transform your lives? Adam and I had a lil 'talk' last week before we came home about how I realize now - he was meant to be - he was in the plan - I Just didn't know it until he arrived. :-) I'm sure you feel the same way about Luke.

Barbara Manatee said...

PS...can't wait to celebrate his big day!! Love you all!