Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Luke meet Baby Adam

Last weekend, since I was chomping at the bit, ahem, eager to visit my big sis and her beautiful children, and meet my new nephew Adam. I was very glad the weather ceased being completely ridiculous so we were able to make the trip.

I wonderered how the Booger would do meeting the new 'baby' in the family. He didn't get long to hold the title, and I'm sure Adam will reign longer than the recent crown holders (J & S were 14 months, and Luke almost 12 months when new 'babies' came along).

Seems he wasn't too phased, a bit interested, but relatively non- chalant. He was pretty satisfied invading his cousins' toys, and showing off his big boy near walking skills.

(Not so) Baby Luke

Oh... I guess that's it.

A closer look

Baby Adam

Walking the path to toddler-hood

Oh and last but not least... Happy Birthday Paul! Thanks for taking good care of my sister and all your little ones. I'm very lucky to have gained such a great brother! Love ya.

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Barbara Manatee said...

glad he was cool with his new cousin! at least he knows he'll always have toys to play with when he visits! no being bored here...just outnumbered!!