Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute

I am so happy to share this tribute with you! I have a close friend that has battled cancer, not once, but twice within a year of her initial diagnosis. As hard as that in itself is, she was only 23 when she was diagnosed. In fact, during her second round of treatments, in Ann Arbor , she spent over a month in the pediatrics ward. She and I went through the same program at Western, which is very structured, with classes scheduled for you each semester, making it very hard to miss any thing without falling behind. We had classes with the same people for 3 years, and we became close with several other girls in our cohort, making it even more emotional when they all graduated last spring and she wasn't able too. With the support of wonderful family, and friends, she managed to make it through the program -through two rounds of intensive chemo, radiation, and a stem cell transplant- taking (and passing!) classes through it all.

She has been ridiculously strong and fought so hard through it all. All the while remaining her wonderful, funny, self, and taking care of the Booger for us when I went back to work last year. I wrote about her and the fun they had together a bit here.

In the past month, she has received the wonderful news that her scans are clean, and this weekend, she officially graduated with her bachelor's degree in special education. Congratulations girl, you amaze me.

Today it is all about Piper.

And I think it's not much of a coincidence that she and Tuesday's sweet twin share a name.

Thanks to Angie for reminding us that it's not all about us. Go see who else it's about over at Seven Clown Circus.


Anonymous said...

Yeh Piper!

Dorinda said...

Great news about your friend!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today - I appreciate your comments :)

Your little boy is very cute!