Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two for Tuesday

We are desperately missing spring break already, and very much looking forward to summer!

We made a second trip to the museum during our week off, but brought my mom along for the fun. While we were there, the Booger worked his charm and managed to pick up not, but two toddler girlfriends! They took turns toddling around with him (and after him) for quite a while. So looking forward to teen age years....

Check out other two-fers over at Deanna's.


Jules said...

He's starting early huh? lol
Watch out when he gets older!!
Cute pic's.

Love ya!

Deanna said...

Awwww...looks like he had a blast at the museum... and what a stud pickin' up two girlfriends!!!

Thank you for playing along!

Barbara Manatee said...

That's my nephew! LOL! Imagine all the girls he'll be bringing home in about 10-15 years! And, Lord help us, imagine all the girl talk amongst our boys! How annoyed do you think Sarah will be when the boys are always checking out her friends...LOL!