Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring breakin' it!

The Booger and I are so happy to be enjoying my first spring break as a teacher!

I realized this is my first spring break. Ever since I started working, I picked up extra time at work. And once I was college and somehow I had two spring breaks (I worked in a school for several years) and still never seemed to get a break! So this feels all that much more like a reward for working hard to get here. By golly, I EARNED my spring break!

It is all the better because I get extra quality time with my boy.

We visited the Kalamazoo Valley Museum earlier in the week and plan to go see the Easter Bunny today, then some quality family time over the weekend.

The museum was craaaaazzzzy! I'm not a big fan of crowds, so we stuck to the room for little tykes. It was hilarious to see him in action with other kiddos. I realized just how much personality that boy has! He made a few friends quite the girly fan base, I might add, scared a few girls, there was a little girl with beads in her hair and he just couldn't contain himself, and tried to hi-jack toy after toy!

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Barbara Manatee said...

We want to come back and play more!