Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photo Shoot 2

If you recall, we have yet to take the Booger to 'get' his pictures taken. I have opted instead to take an afternoon and take them myself. Then I get to pick a time when he's in a good mood, and get him being himself. And then I get to take advantage of Snapfish sales to order tons of prints. I love replacing pictures around the house with new ones. I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas when I order pictures.

I had been planning to take some pictures soon, as it's been a while. Then I found out there was a sale- so I kicked my butt into gear so I would have something to order. Last time around, he was not mobile. To my surprise- he didn't choose to sit still for many pictures. Ha! I had to crop my hand holding him in place out of a few shots, but they still turned out well.



Barbara Manatee said...

great pics!!

Cheryl Lage said...

So adorable...I love them all, especially the second from the top, and then meany that I am, the very bottom one. :)


Jamie said...

Cute pictures!!! Its so hard to get good pictures sometimes, but you got some great ones!

Deanna said...

Nicci you got some really cute shots of him!!! I love your caption under the last photo...LOL!!

i'm right there with you about getting candid photos instead of the overly posed photos!!! Such fun taking them too and following them all around ;)

and I'm the same way with photos I love getting them and looking at them all again once I have them in my hands :)

Jules said...

These pics are definetly more special than the professional one's! The black and white one's are really cute.