Friday, October 24, 2008


Working with children and being lucky enough to be educated and know what to expect developmentally can be very helpful as a parent. However, having worked with children with special needs and knowing the importance of early intervention, can make a parent a little overly sensitive. And by parent, yes, I mean me. A few months ago, I was having mini mommy panic attacks because the Booger wasn't babbling quite the way I thought he should be.

After sharing my craziness with his dad, Daddy decided to start his own early intervention with the Booger. They had an elaborate ba/da routine that has been recited one-sidely for the past several weeks. But...last week, the da's came pouring out of the Booger's mouth. What a happy Mommy.

And this week, came the ba's. Craziness ceased.


Barbara Manatee said...

He's saying "Mom! Give me that Banana!!!"

Oh I can surely relate to the 'sometimes its a bad thing to know so much about development'...look at all we went through with Jacob!

Anonymous said...

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