Friday, December 12, 2008

Smiley Joe

This is the best thing to come home to every night. And I am very much looking forward to having both of my boys to myself for 6 whole days in sunny, beautiful Florida! Picture these huge smiles on my face right now too. (These are so much cuter though, I thought you'd enjoy them more.)

Check out those chompers!

He hasn't let me get a picture of his teeth- and I got two in one night!

And the famous nose scrunch- also hard to capture

He's gonna be fighting them off with a stick!

Ahh, *contented sigh* that's all I am thinking right now. All is right with my world. (I'll return to conquering all things wrong in the rest of the world later...) My bachelor's degree is officially completed as of 3:00 tomorrow, I have a signed teaching contract, and great people to work with after Christmas break, and the best boys in the whole world here with me. Can it get any better? The great thing is, I know it can, and I am so looking forward to it.
Thanks so much to my wonderful husband who has helped and supported and put up with me over the last thousand years while I've been in school and juggling school, work and being a wife. He's been patient and sweet, and somehow did not strangle me in my sleep. Not that he didn't have plenty of opportunities- I often fall asleep first!
Of course, thanks rightly go to the rest of my family too. I am lucky to have supportive, loving parents who often reminded me that I was doing well, and there was an end in sight, especially when it really didn't seem like it. My sister offered lots of advice and help from her own experience along the way. And my big brothers- one of whom started school after I did, and somehow managed to finish first. Mom and Dad raised us well and we all look out for and cheer for one another.
I hope all is just as terrific for the rest of you, especially going into the holidays. If not- just remember you get to look at the sweet smiles of your little loved ones (even the furry ones), and bask in that wonderfulness for a few minutes.
Stay tuned for some warm sunshiney pictures. We'll wish you were there!


Jules said...

That's great. I'm proud of you!! I hope you all have a great time in Florida. And your right about the smiles of little loved ones! Magical isn't it? Take care!

Barbara Manatee said...

You know we love you and are proud of you, too! The road isn't always easy, but it sure is sweet when you reach the end!

Enjoy yourself these next few weeks - with your vacation, holidays, and preparing for your next adventure!

Willie Ruiz said...

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