Monday, December 8, 2008

And now for the fun stuff

Now for some Booger updates, I know you’re really waiting for those.

The rough spots, at the moment, he is getting over an ucky virus. The poor thing ran a fever for a couple days. His daddy has been taking great care of him, the poor boys have been cooped up in the house from Wednesday to Saturday. Despite all of this, he was a pretty pleasant baby. Lots of cuddling, sleeping, and tylenol and not much eating or playing.

On the bright side, the rash he has had under his chin and on his neck was diagnosed as eczema, but with lotion and a prescription cream, has cleared up beautifully. His little neck looks so sweet and soft now.

And on the fun side, he is learning and doing more and more every minute! It is so much fun, and just so amazing all of the little things that make up this terrific little person.
Let me list the ways…

1. He gives kisses on demand. Even to his monkey. (Thanks Grandma!)

2. He will blow kisses to Daddy if Mommy lets him use her hand. (This is super cute, but yet to be caught on camera).

3. He has attempted to stand on his own a few times- with a few brief moments of success.

4. He is cruising along furniture like there’s no tomorrow.

5. He is talking up a storm and signing ‘more’ and ‘what’

6. He scrunches up his nose when he thinks something is funny.
**See below for #' s 5 and 6

7. He understands everything you say to him-we’ll see how long that skill lasts.

8. He feeds himself, and loves just about everything. He is our son after all, why wouldn’t he love to eat?

9. He thinks it is hilarious when you make monkey and cow noises (not simultaneously, but I imagine that would be a hit too).

10. He insists on wriggling around on his changing table until he has thrown every toy and has his hands on the nose drops….maybe he knows as long as he has them I can’t use them against him…

11. He drinks out of his sippy cup, if we hold it.

12. Yet… he holds his own bottle.

13. He knows how to play peek a boo and will do so with any object that he can- baby gate, door, hands, walls, books.

14. He is super cute!


Cheryl Lage said...

Super cute, indeed! That squinchy nose is to die for! :)

Barbara Manatee said...

You know I love the nose scrunch!! And its not so much that they do/don't 'understand' what you say...its whether they 'choose' to listen! haha! Yeah for signing! and BIG YEAH for the rash getting better!! Glad the guy got some relief! :-)