Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st Chritmas!!

I cannot believe that the Booger's 1st Christmas has come and gone! I have a whole post-ful of 1sts he's mastered lately as he ridiculously quickly approaches his 1st birthday! Still working on wrapping my head around that...

1st and foremost though... the joys of his 1st Christmas. Amidst teasing from his daddy and his uncle, I helped a very distracted, uninterested, impatient baby go through his stocking and unwrap his gifts. Note to self: practice opening gifts this month, so he can open his birthday presents... He was surrounded by his cousins' easily accessible, conveniently unwrapped toys, so really- why bother with all that work unwrapping? Come on, Mom!

He did well going through his stocking in the beginning- he got the idea of reaching in and pulling things out. Alas, after he found a couple fun board books, and I wouldn't let him eat the animal crackers, he was over it. So we moved on- the result:

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Barbara Manatee said...

You know, now that you say that, I remember the twins' daycare teachers last year having a set of boxes wrapped and EVERY day for like 2-3 weeks before Christmas, she had all the 'babies' practice unwrapping presents so they would know what to do when the time came! She said she was so tired of wrapping presents though! haha! every day she had to rewrap them all! haha!

Love all the pics and loved spending the day with you this week! Thanks again for helping out so much! Love you LOTS!