Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A few tidbits from the morning

The Booger has been full of entertainment this morning! Thought I'd share with you seeing as how I'm soo not cool or techy enough to Twitter.

He found some Desitin in his daycare bag. Immediately sat down and tried to apply it to his foot. I laughed and told him it was for his butt (ask me someday if I regret talking about his butt). He proceeded to spread his legs.

He has wandered through the house adorned with a variety of bracelets, lifting his arms alternately and showing them off glamorously.

We went upstairs to have 25 seconds alone so I could pee play, and he entered the bathroom, walked to the toilet, and pointed. He knew what was up.

While standing on the couch (cause he can get up there now), he looked out the window and then gave me this face...

He'd noticed one the super annoying stray cats that have been ever present lately, laying in his water table. And then he gave it the look.

That is sooo MINE. Get out.

I think the cat got the vibe.

Hope your morning is as entertaining as mine!


Barbara Manatee said...

lol silly boy!!

Maybe you can let him check after you go to the bathroom and he and Sarah can compare notes! LOL!

Too funny about the kitty! Lose it, cat!

Rachel said...

CUTE! I love hearing about the way that toddler's brains work!!