Monday, August 3, 2009


I recently (sort-of, like recently as in sometime in the past 3 months...) read an article in a parent magazine (might have been Parent or Parenting - also recently realized they are actually two different magazines. oops.)

Anywhooooo. I was reading an article, don't recall about exactly what, cause I'm just not that terrific. But the gist was that toddlers are full of emotions. How they really feel their feelings, with their whole entire being. Despite what we think, they are not being drama queens (and kings) for our benefit to twist our pinky fingers into giving them what they want. At least not completely.... That they really, truly, with all their little 20 something pound body and soul feel what they are feeling.

Come to think of it, it was probably an article with tips on preserving your sanity while your toddler yo-yos from happy as a lark to writhing on the floor at your feet biting your ankles in anger.

But ever since I read that article, it comes to mind whenever my incredibly emotional son is um displaying his feelings. That boy really gets it. He puts his everything into what he's doing and feeling.

He laughs from his belly,
He says 'woah' and 'wow' all the time, because there is just sooo much that amazes him.

He needs to know about every moving vehicle and stationary object we pass in the car, and everywhere else for that matter.

He is so friendly that he says 'hi', waves, and blows kisses to most of the objects we pass in the car and the people we see.

He smiles with his whole face

He trusts me so much that even when I am operating the loud, scary, noisemaker (the vacuum, the hairdryer...), he still runs to me and wants to be held.

He puts his whole self into showing how unhappy he is when he has to come inside.

When he wants something, he will do absolutely anything he can to get it- he nods his head, asks 'yeah?, yeah?', signs 'more' and 'please' over and over, takes your hand (and you) to what he wants, and adds a carefully timed whine or cry for good measure.

He is so proud of himself when he does something new, he loves to hear "Yay!" and claps for himself whenever he accomplishes anything.

He celebrates with other people -at restaurants, on TV, around the neighborhood- if he hears cheering, clapping, or music, he is guaranteed to to join in.

He loves me and his daddy so much that he showers us with wet, slobbery kisses and hugs.

I love how remarkable he is and how lucky I am to have him. He makes me stop and enjoy and pay attention to the world around me and manages to make everything more fun and interesting. Thank you bubba, I love you!

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Barbara Manatee said...

awwww! so sweet and so true!