Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jack Awesome

I met a new friend last week. His name is Jack. Jack Awesome....

I would really like to call him something else, feel free to let your imaginations run wild here, but my sister filled me in recently about a great way to cut back on swearing or such name calling as I would like to use in this instance.

It works wonderfully. I've even added a little twist or two for especially naughty word-worthy moments. Let me demonstrate.

The Booger was taking a naked pre-bath run, and peed on the floor. Not in the bathroom. Directly on the carpet. And laughed about it. Awesome.

I got to daycare on Monday with the Booger's bag all neatly packed, completely without his sippy cup. Awesome.

The Booger faceplanted himself on the sidewalk. Giving himself Fancy Awesome. (rememeber to let your imaginations run free here, there are a multitude of words that start with "f" to pick from that could express your feelings)

Mr. Jack Awesome attempted to make a very poorly planned, and even more poorly executed left turn. Directly into me. While I was 2 and half hours, 143 miles, away from home. Rendering my car undrivable.

Fancity, fancity, fance, fance awesome!


Really awesome.

really, really, super, awesome


Anonymous said...

That is Fancy Awesome. Doesn't that make you just want to shake the sugar out of his apple? Sorry about your car little sis. Just think of it this way. Your car is now an Indy car hybrid and the fast you go, the more air can move over the surface of your tire and keep it cool so it doesn't blow out. Mike

Barbara Manatee said...

Honestly? It doesn't look quite as bad as I'd that any consolation?

Like I said...I BURST out laughing this morning when I saw the title...knew exactly what this post was about before ever reading it :-)

Jules said...

I can think of some choice words too, that I wont mention out loud! Life never seems to amaze me, what about you?!?

Love ya! ;0)

Hopefully you wont be w/o your care for very long!

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh, again, I'm laughing! Your way of putting your awesome experience into words is priceless. Sorry about the car, and Mr. Awesome having taken his toll on your car.