Sunday, May 24, 2009


The Booger has upgraded his 'owie' status, and created a whole new milestone for himself.

Facial injuries.

He loves to 'ride' bikes and was doing just that, when his feet got all tangled and his face met the less than soft sidewalk. Poor boy had scrapes and a big bruise and bump on his forehead right away, and his nose and upper lip scabbed up by the next morning. Like the champ that he is, he cried, (insert blood curdling scream) cuddled with mommy (who wanted cuddles just as much) for a nap and woke up ready to play, and was riding a bike the next day.

He thought, since he was injured, he needed grandpa's cane more than grandpa, who is still taking it easy after getting a new hip.

He thought he needed a little grandpa love too.

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