Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh.... dampa

The Booger has been lucky enough to spend some extra time with his grandparents over the past month or so.

He spent time with my in-laws during my conferences, and a couple days when he was down and out sick for a week just before that. He had finally figured out how to say grandma by the time conferences were done. But he couldn't quite figure out who to call grandma- it was quite the universal grandparent reference.

This wide spread use of 'damma' continued through Thanksgiving weekend- grandpa was outside and he'd yell for 'damma'. Grandma was in the other room and he'd yell for 'damma'. Grandpa came back in and he cheered for 'damma's' return. You get the picture.

This past weekend, he stayed with my parents, so Mike and I could work on a big project. (More on the later, really, I promise.)

(Okay, so you might have to remind me...).

Annnny way.. It seems he's figured it out.

He woke up one morning asking for 'damma'.

And rode home from daycare that night saying "ohhhh.... dampa!"

Keeping my fingers crossed that these terms of endearment don't morph into another two syllable word that starts with 'dam....'
Oh the joys!


Anonymous said...

I know you said you were doing another remodeling project but that doesn't look like your house at all. Wow. I guess you guys did remodel. lol. Mike

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